Ready to Sell?

Let us help you get top-dollar for your home!

Time to sell your home? We know that you’ll miss it, but we also know that we are the perfect people to help you find a new owner, and get top-dollar for your home! Here are the steps we take to ensure that the selling process is seamless and as easy as possible for you!

Step 1: Listing appointment
One of our agents will meet you in your home to learn more about you, your home, and what you’d like to sell it for. We will also explain to you why we are the best people to list your property with. This in-home appointment allows us to build a personal relationship with you!

Step 2: Marketing your property
We’ll send you materials and go over our strategy of how we will market your property to potential buyers, and make adjustments as needed. We have some of the smartest marketers in our industry that are committed to helping to get your house off the market as quickly as possible!

Step 3: Showings
After we begin to market your property we will begin to start showing your property by appointments and open houses. The more people that see your property, the easier it will be to sell!

Step 4: Negotiate contracts
We will work on your behalf and with you to negotiate contracts with potential buyers and those who have put in offers. This is an exciting part of the selling process because it means that you are very close to getting your home sold!

Step 5: Contract to close
We will assist in getting your home appraised, and ordering a home inspection to be performed so that we can move you one step step closer to closing on the sale of your house! We can do this as the buyer seeks adequate funding from a lender.

Step 6: Closing day

On the scheduled day of closing, a title company or other entity will close the sale on your property. You will meet with the buyer to sign all of the necessary paperwork to transfer your property to its new owner.

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