Ready to Buy?

Buying a home is a big decision, let us help!

Steps in the buying process:

Step 1: Pre-approval
This is by no means, absolutely necessary; but it shows a buyer’s willingness and ability to afford to purchase a new home.

Step 2: Consultation with an agent
During your first consultation with an agent, either in person or over the phone, we will ask you all the important questions like; location, budget, school districts, etc. We use this time to really get to know you and form a personal relationship with you!

Step 3: View properties that match your needs and wants
Your agent will begin to show your properties that align closely with what you’re looking for. We can show you ask many or as few properties as you’d like, but we are committed to finding you the perfect place to call home!

Step 4: Negotiate an offer
Once you’ve found the property that suits you and your family, we can begin the process of negotiating with the seller or the seller’s agent and put in a competitive offer. This can be one of the most stressful parts of the buying process, but we gurantee to make it easier on you by handling all of the hard stuff for you!

Step 5: Contract to close
While you are undergoing the process of contracts, we will assist you in getting ready to close on your home. Whether that’s setting up an appraisal, home inspection, or surveying of the land; we will look for things in these reports that could help you negotiate a better price for your home.

Step 6: Closing Day
This is the most exciting day of the buying process. We will meet with a closing agent, and we will assist you in the finalizing of this purchase so you can take possession of your new home!

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